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Empty Green Sandbags
green sandbags for flood protection
premium green polypropylene sandbags
heavy duty green sandbags
UV Resistant Green Sandbags
green sandbags with pre-attached tie strings
green sandbags for earthbag homes, construction, erosion and flood control, ballast / weight
Green Sandbag Barrier
Green Sandbags Water Barrier
Green Sandbag Earthbag Home
Green Sandbags For Erosion Control on Beach
Green Sandbags Construction
14" x 26" Empty Green Sandbags with Tie Strings - UV Resistant (50 lb Capacity)
14" x 26" Empty Green Sandbags with Tie Strings - UV Resistant (50 lb Capacity)
14" x 26" Empty Green Sandbags with Tie Strings - UV Resistant (50 lb Capacity)

14" x 26" Empty Green Sandbags with Tie Strings - UV Resistant (50 lb Capacity)

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Great for Flooding, Construction, Erosion Control, & SO MUCH MORE!

Sandbaggy 14” x 26” Green Sandbags are a standard all-purpose sandbag great for so many tasks! Fill up these empty sandbags with sand, rocks, gravel, etc., then use the attached tie strings to close them, and you’re good to go. Durable enough for construction and erosion control, reliable enough for emergencies like flooding, and versatile enough for daily use like weighing down a truck bed. These sandbags can really do it all.

Just what makes these Sandbaggy Sandbags so great? Each of our sandbags is UV protected for extended life under the sun, even in hotter climates like Florida, Arizona, or California. Plus they’re extremely durable, these heavy duty sandbags can hold up to 50 lbs of rocks without breaking and can even be dropped multiple times without showing any damage to the bag. Order these all-purpose sandbags today as low as $0.18 each.

These sandbags are also available in more colors (Yellow, Orange, White, Beige/Tan). 


  • Size: 14 inch x 26 inch
  • Dimensions (Filled): 12 inch x 18 inch length x 3.5 inch height (depth)
  • Thickness: 10 Mil
  • Colors: Green
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Weight Capacity: 50 lb
  • Volume ≈ 0.5 cubic feet of sand
  • Closure Type: Tie String (attached)
  • Stitching: Double Chain Stitched
  • UV Protected: Yes
  • Waterproof: 98% Waterproof
  • Reusable (refillable): Yes


  • WIDELY TRUSTED FOR FLOOD PROTECTION: Sandbaggy sandbags are used & trusted by many government agencies, landscapers/contractors, and nonprofits, including the US Army and Red Cross. With over 4 million Sandbaggy Sandbags installed across this great country, they have served as the first and last line of defense for homes and businesses during hurricanes on the East Coast or flooding in the Midwest.
  • Holds Up To 50 lbs Of Rocks Without Tearing! Made of thick woven polypropylene and double chain-stitched edges, these bags are built tough, capable of holding rocks, gravel, sand, dirt, and practically anything you can think of without breaking.
  • UV Resistant, Even In Hot Sunny Areas: Made with a UV Inhibitor, allowing sandbags to last 6 months under direct sunlight in hot, sunny places like California, Florida, and Arizona. In cooler regions, they can last 6 to 24 months, depending on daily sun exposure.
  • Heavy Duty Sandbags That Can Take A Beating: When filled with 40 lbs of sand, we've tested these to withstand a minimum of 10 drops of 4 ft before any noticeable damage. Each bag is made from 10 Mil thick plastic to ensure durability in tough environments.
  • Water Resistant To Prevent Flooding: Sandbags are 98% waterproof, meaning most water rolls off the bag. Their reliable design ensures superior protection against water, making them a trusted choice for flood defense during emergencies like hurricanes or erosion control.
  • Tie Strings Attached: Even our pre-attached tie strings are Sandbaggy strong, with 30 lbs of tensile strength.
  • Woven Polypropylene Sandbags are a durable, water-resistant, and cost-effective sandbag material - providing optimal protection against flooding and erosion.
  • Military Grade: Used by the US Army, Sandbaggy sandbags are truly military grade

    Used For So Many Applications!

    • Commercial & Industrial Jobs
    • Construction Sites
    • Erosion Control
    • Emergencies - Hurricanes, Flooding
    • Earthbag Homes
    • Shooting - Firearm Support
    • Weigh Down Objects - Basketball Hoops, Truck Beds, Trampoline


    Do sandbags stop bullets?

    While sandbags offer some protection against bullets due to their dense composition, they are not designed or certified as bulletproof barriers. Their primary purpose is to serve as temporary flood barriers or for stabilizing structures during construction, rather than as ballistic shields.

    How to fill sandbags?

    When filling sandbags, place them on the ground, with one person holding the bag open while another shovels sand inside. Fill the bag approximately two-thirds full, then fold the top flap down and tie it securely with string or the attached tie strings. Properly filled and tied sandbags ensure they can function effectively in flood control or erosion prevention scenarios. To make the filling process easier use our Sandbag Filler.

    How to stack sandbags?

    Stacking sandbags effectively involves placing them in a staggered pattern, much like building a brick wall. Offset each layer by half the length of a bag to create a stable and interlocking structure. This stacking method maximizes the barrier's strength and prevents gaps that may allow water to seep through.

    How many sandbags do I need?

    Use our sandbag calculator below. Keep in mind the number of sandbags required depends on the length, height, and thickness needed for the barrier. To calculate the quantity accurately, measure the area to protect, consider the anticipated flood water height, and consult with flood experts or local authorities for specific recommendations based on your location and situation.

    How do sandbags work?

    Sandbags work by absorbing and redistributing water pressure, redirecting the flow away from sensitive areas to prevent flooding. The dense material of the sandbags creates a barrier that impedes the water's progress, allowing time for water to be pumped away or for the floodwaters to recede. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to be quickly deployed and strategically positioned to provide temporary flood protection or stabilize structures during emergencies.

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