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clear custom printed packing tape rolls
3 inch custom printed packing tape with logo
personalized packing tape with logo for cardboard shipping boxes
single color custom printed packing tape
wholesale custom printed packing tape
330 ft roll of clear custom printed packing tape

Clear Custom Printed Packing Tape | 2 - 3 inch Wide (330 ft Rolls)

  • $1,510.00
  • Save $1,510

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Your Logo On Packing Tape At Low Wholesale Prices!

A simple and economical way to make your brand stand out with Sandbaggy Clear Custom Printed Packing Tape! Available in a 2 inch wide and a 3 inch wide size, you’ll save big with Sandbaggy. We sell rolls of custom printed tape wholesale, with prices, as low as $2.46 per roll.

Print your logo or a special message directly on the tape. Each roll is 330 ft, the perfect solution to elevate your packaging game. Promote your brand with every shipment, leave a lasting impression, and ensure your packages stand out. Don't miss the opportunity to make a lasting impact on your customers. Learn more below!

* Please note:

  • We can print any size logo
  • No refunds/exchanges allowed for custom orders
  • Lead time is 60-90 days from date of order
  • We only print in black

    How To Place An Order?

    • Place your order
    • We will email you asking for your logo
    • Proof will be sent 7 days after order is placed
    • Lead time is 60-90 days from date of order


    • size(s)
      • 2 inch x 330 ft
      • 3 inch x 330 ft
    • color: clear (transparent)
    • print color: black
    • print size: any
    • lead time: 60-90 days


    • A Simple & Economical Branding Solution - Get brand visibility & recognition with Sandbaggy personalized packing tape! We offer single-color (black only) printing on clear tape at low wholesale prices.
    • Save Big With Sandbaggy! Perfect for businesses that need a large quantity of packing tape rolls. We sell our rolls wholesale, with prices as low as $2.46 (for 2-inch wide rolls) or $3.38 (for 3-inch wide rolls).
    • Perfect For Shipping Boxes Of All Sizes (Tape Available in 2 Sizes): Our rolls are available in 2-inch wide or 3-inch wide sizes, each measuring 330 ft in length.
    • Any Imprint Size: We can print any logo or message size on the tape. Just let us know when you send over your logo.
    • Sandbaggy High-Quality Clear Tape does not yellow or discolor over time, is moisture-resistant, and leaves little to no residue when removed.
    • Adheres to Cardboard, Plastic, & Paper: Safely use our tape for a variety of applications.
    • Single Color Printing: We exclusively print in black.


    Can I use clear custom printed packaging tape on different types of boxes and packages?

    Absolutely! Our clear custom printed packaging tape adheres securely to various packaging materials, including cardboard, plastic, and paper envelopes, ensuring your packages stay sealed and protected during transit.

    Are the custom packing tape rolls easy to apply and remove?

    Yes, our custom packing tape rolls are designed for ease of use. They apply smoothly using standard tape dispensers and leaves no residue upon removal, keeping your packaging process efficient and hassle-free.

    Why is clear tape a better choice than alternatives like colored or printed tapes?

    Clear tape offers unique advantages over colored or printed tapes. Its transparency provides a clean and professional appearance without distracting from important text or graphics on packages and documents. Unlike colored tapes, clear tape allows easy visibility of shipping labels and barcodes, streamlining logistics and reducing scanning errors during transit. Moreover, its versatility makes it suitable for various tasks, from sealing packages to general office use. With clear tape, you can maintain a consistent and polished branding image while ensuring your packages remain secure and presentable throughout the shipping process.

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