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3-inch plastic collated framing nails
21 degree framing gun nails - plastic strip
21 degree sheathing nails
wholesale 3" framing nails smooth shank, round head, vinyl coating
3" plastic strip framing nails - 21 degree

3" Plastic Collated Framing Nails - 21 Degree (Vinyl Coated)

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Build Strong, Build Fast: Jam-Free Framing Nails!

Tackle any project with our 3-inch plastic collated framing nails (also known as plastic strip nails) - perfect for framing, sheathing, subfloors, carpentry, and general construction. With a jam-free design, these smooth shank, round head 21 degree framing nails are compatible with most 21° framing nailers, pneumatic or cordless.

The vinyl coating provides superior holding power, reducing the risk of nails backing out compared to uncoated nails. Packaged in strips of 25-nails, making it simple to load and preventing jams. Each nail has a 1/4" head diameter and is available in 2 sizes.

Please Note* - For orders of more than 650,000 lead time is 45-60 days.


  • Sizes
    • 3 inch x 0.113 inch (12 gauge)
    • 3 inch x 0.12 inch (11 gauge)
  • Material: Steel
  • Coating: Vinyl
  • Collated Material: Plastic
  • Shank: Smooth
  • Head: Round
  • Length: 3 inch
  • Head Diameter: 1/4 inch
  • Angle: 21°
  • Application: Interior
  • Nails per Strip: 25


  • Available In 2 Sizes: Offered in 11 gauge (3" x 0.120") and 12 gauge (3" x 0.113") to match your specific project needs. Each nail has a 1/4" head diameter.
  • High Holding Strength for Wood Applications: The vinyl coating enhances the holding power of the nails, making it more resistant to backing out compared to uncoated nails. 
  • Jam-Free Productivity: Efficient plastic collation (25 nails per strip) guarantees seamless functionality, reduces jamming-related delays, and enables quick reloading. 
  • Versatile Framing Nails Ideal for various construction projects including framing, general construction, carpentry, sheathing, and subfloors; these framing gun nails are a versatile and essential tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast.
  • Broad 21 Degree Nailer Compatibility: Compatible with the majority of 21° framing nailers, pneumatic or cordless, providing versatility for various tasks on the work site. Including, but not limited to:
    • Porter Cable Nail Gun
    • DeWalt: DWF83PL, and DCN21PLM nailers.
    • Ridgid 21-degree nailer


What is the difference between common nails and framing nails?

A few differences between common nails and framing nails.

    1. Shank: Common nails have a smooth shank, whereas framing nails usually have a ring shank or screw shank for improved grip and a more secure hold on wood.
    2. Coating: Framing nails are often coated so they can be easily driven flush or counter sunk.
    3. Thickness: Framing nails may able be thinner and more subtle, allowing for easier driving and a flush or sunken appearance, adding to the overall aesthetic of your project.

Screws vs Nails For Framing?

Choosing the right fastener for a construction project can be crucial, as factors such as tensile strength, shear resistance, and holding power can greatly impact the outcome. While both framing nails and screws may be suitable for certain projects, understanding the specific building requirements is key in determining which type of fastener is best.

    • Nails are commonly utilized for large construction projects, such as building frames and hardwood flooring, due to their strength and cost-effectiveness compared to screws. Additionally, their smooth heads and shafts allow for easy installation with a hammer or nail gun.
    • Screws are often preferred for smaller projects due to their precise insertion and extraction capabilities. With a wide range of screw types available, installation may require more effort compared to using a hammer. To streamline the process, consider using electric power tools for increased efficiency.

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