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What color of 14" x 26" poly sandbags should I buy?

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

Here at Sandbaggy, we sell our regular (polypropylene) sandbags in green, beige, orange and white with tie strings (for tying up the sandbag).

A question we’ve been asked is whether the color of the sandbags affects the longevity of the sandbags.

The answer is that it doesn't: all of our different color sandbags provide the same 6 month UV protection.

Regarding color preferences,

  • military-green sandbags = match the environment’s color
  • beige color sandbags = match the soil’s color
  • orange color sandbags = when the color of the bag needs to be shown
  • white color sandbags = all kinds of situations

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14x26 poly sandbags
14x26 poly sandbags

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