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3 ft x 3 ft tree weed mats with side seam
tree mats with 1.5 ft side seam (opening) easily goes around trees
woven polypropylene tree mats with side seam
36 in x 36 in  tree squares with grid for planting
tree squares made from water permeable plastic
UV Protected Tree Mats

Tree Mats with Pre-Cut Side Seam (3 ft x 3 ft) - Weed Barrier, Farming, Gardening - UV Protected

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Block weeds, but not nutrients!

Sandbaggy Tree Weed Mats (also known as Tree Squares) allow your tree to grow and flourish! They’re thick enough to block sunlight and prevent weeds from pushing through, yet still allow water, air & other nutrients to get to the roots of your trees. DOT Approved and UV Stabilized for extended life under the sun, Sandbaggy Tree Weed Mats are ideal for gardening, farming, and landscaping to protect your established trees and shrubs.

Easy to install, our Tree Mats are made from woven polypropylene, making them much easier to cut and conform to any surface compared to alternatives made of stiffer coconut fiber or rubber. Plus they are much more economical, starting at $6 and for sale as low as $0.84 per tree mat when you buy in bulk.

We also have a biodegradable tree mat and a tree mat with a pre-cut middle opening (better for saplings).


  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Product Dimensions: 3 ft x 3 ft (9 sqr ft)
  • Opening: 1.5 ft Pre-cut Side Seam
  • UV Stabilized
  • DOT Approved


  • Save Time & Labor with Square Tree Mats: With labor costs at an all time high, Sandbaggy Tree Mats saves you money! Instead of cutting squares from large rolls or using more expensive options made of Rubber or Coconut Fibers use these to protect your trees.
  • Easier To Cut & Install Than Rubber Or Coconut Fiber Mats: Unlike rubber or coconut fiber tree mats, these are much easier to cut and shape for your desired project. The fabric is flexible and easily conforms to uneven surfaces, making it ideal for a variety of trees and terrains. To secure them, just use four Sandbaggy Landscape Staples (not included).
  • 1.5 Ft Pre-Cut Seam: Each Tree Mat has a 1.5 ft seam pre cut into the fabric , this makes it an easy to place weed barrier around any tree or shrub.
  • Thick Weed Barrier Fabric: Blocks out sunlight, stopping new weeds from forming and existing weeds from growing. These tree mats are made from a thick woven polypropylene.
  • Water Permeable: Unlike some landscape fabrics, Sandbaggy Tree Mats are thick enough to block out sunlight while still allowing water, air, & other nutrients to easily flow through the fabric.
  • Keeps Your Soil Moist: Prevent the sun from drying out your soil! Tree Mats retain your soil moisture by preventing evaporation, which will enhance the growth of your trees, as well as help you conserve water!
  • UV Protected For Extended Life Under The Sun: Under direct sunlight, this Sandbaggy Tree Mat can last 2-3 years. If protected under 3-4 inches of mulch or gravel (no exposure to the Sun), this fabric can last up to 10 years!
  • Great For Many Applications: Use for farming (including organic farming), gardening, landscaping, and tree planting.


Should you put weed barrier around trees?

Weed barriers around trees can help suppress weed growth, conserve soil moisture, and protect tree roots from competition. Some considerations to keep in mind. When installed improperly or left in place for too long, weed barriers can hinder water and nutrient penetration to the tree roots. This can potentially lead to shallow root growth and negatively impact the tree's overall health. If you decide to use a weed barrier, it's essential to install it correctly and monitor the tree's health regularly.

How do you keep weeds from growing under trees?

There are several methods to prevent weed growth under trees without relying solely on a weed barrier, such as mulching, hand pulling, herbicides, & ground cover.

How do you lay down a weed barrier around a tree?

Follow these steps to properly lay it down weed barriers for trees:

  1. Prepare the area: Remove any existing weeds or vegetation from the area around the tree. Make sure the soil is level and free of debris.
  2. Measure and cut the weed barrier: Measure the diameter of the area you want to cover around the tree trunk. Cut the weed barrier fabric to the appropriate size, leaving some extra allowance to accommodate the tree's growth.
  3. Create a planting hole: Cut a hole in the center of the weed barrier fabric to fit around the base of the tree trunk. Ensure the hole is wide enough not to touch the trunk.
  4. Lay down the fabric: Gently place the weed barrier around the tree, ensuring the planting hole is properly positioned around the trunk.
  5. Secure the edges: Use garden staples or landscape pins to secure the edges of the weed barrier to the ground. This will prevent it from being displaced by wind or other factors.
  6. Add mulch: Cover the weed barrier with a layer of organic mulch. This will improve its appearance, provide additional weed suppression, and help retain moisture. "

Remember that if the tree is young or newly planted, it's essential to monitor its growth and health regularly. Adjust the weed barrier as necessary to prevent any negative impact on the tree's root development.

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