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3" x 3" Galvanized square plate washers
3" x 3" Galvanized square plate washers SPECS
3" x 3" Galvanized square plate washers - 1/4" thick 6 gauge steel
3" x 3" Hot dipped Galvanized square plate washers
3" x 3" Galvanized square plate washers for 5/8" anchor bolts
3" x 3" Galvanized square plate washers secures wood to concrete
5/8" diameter square plate washers - hot dipped galvanized
flat steel square plate washers 3 inch x 3 inch - zinc coated
galvanized square washers

3" x 3" Square Plate Washer (Galvanized) - 5/8" Anchor Bolt Diameter

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Secure Wood-to-Concrete With These Sturdy Steel Square Washer!

Constructed from sturdy 6 gauge steel, this 3" x 3" galvanized square plate washer (also known as a bearing plate) is designed for use with 5/8" diameter anchor bolts or rods. Its heavy-duty design prevents pull-through and promotes a secure connection, while increasing the bearing surface to prevent wood splitting or cracking. Ideal for anchoring wood to concrete slabs, this washer provides long-lasting structural stability. 

These square plate washers are hot-dip galvanized for superior rust protection compared to electro-galvanized products, making them highly durable and built-to-last!

We also have a non-galvanized option available.

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  • Material: Steel
  • Coating: Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Gauge: 6
  • Length: 3 inch
  • Width: 3 inch
  • Thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Hole Diameter: 5/8 inch
  • Type: Flat
  • Flat Type: Square
  • Weight: 6.9 oz (0.43 lbs)


  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized: Coated with a thick layer of zinc through a hot-dip galvanization process, offering exceptional corrosion resistance and making them perfect for use in outdoor and harsh environments.
  • Compatible With 5/8" Anchor Bolts or Rod: Hole diameter is 5/8", the flat square washer design distributes anchor bolt load over a larger surface area.
  • Ensures Secure Wood-To-Concrete Connection: Prevents anchor bolt pull-through in wood
  • Prevent Wood Splitting or Cracking that may occur around the anchor bolt, ensuring structural stability and integrity.
  • Heavy 6 Gauge Steel: Constructed from 1/4" thick steel to promote long-lasting structural stability.
  • Maintains Alignment: Square shape prevents rotation and maintains alignment under stress.


Hot Dipped Galvanized vs Electro Galvanized Steel

In short hot dipped galvanized steel offers more rust protection, while electro galvanized steel has a smoother finish and is better for applications requiring tight tolerances.

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel is dipped into a vat of molten zinc, which coats the steel, resulting in a strong, thick, dull gray finish that lasts 20-50 years. Often used for building materials designed for structural support.
  • Electro-galvanized steel is coated with a layer of zinc through an electrically charged solution, resulting in a relatively thin zinc layer and a smooth finish. Often the preferred choice for applications that demand tight tolerances, wires, or small parts found in appliances.

What are square washers called?

Square washers, also referred to as construction washers, plate washers, or fish plates in certain contexts.

Why use square washers?

Square washers offer several advantages over traditional round washers:

  • Increased load distribution: They provide a larger surface area to distribute the load of a bolt or screw, reducing pressure and preventing damage to the underlying material.
  • Prevent rotation: Their square shape helps prevent the fastener from rotating, ensuring a secure connection.

What is the difference between a flat washer and a square washer?

Square washers are a type of flat washer, though flat washers generally refer to round washers.

  • Shape: Flat washers are round, while square washers are, well,
  • Load distribution: Square washers generally have a larger surface area than flat washers of the same nominal size, offering better load distribution.

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