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Silt Fences

Great Temporary Fencing For Construction Sites

Get Sandbaggy Silt Fences for sale! They are perfect for retaining sediment and controlling erosion on construction sites. All our silt fence fabrics are:

  • UV stabilized for extended life under the sun
  • Material: Woven Polypropylene
  • Fabric Type: Woven Geotextile
  • Water Permeable - great for filtration and drainage applications


Reinforced (Wire Back) vs Regular Silt Fences

  • Reinforced: The wire back adds additional strength and durability (some job sites may require this).
  • Regular Silt Fence (comes in orange and black): Comes in commercial grade (1.8 oz thick) or DOT Grade (3 oz thick). Use the commercial grade for standard jobs and the DOT grade when the site engineer requires it.

What is the purpose of a silt fence?

Silt fences are used as a sediment control barrier on a construction site or any other disturbed land. It’s important to retain soil, to control erosion and protect nearby bodies of water from being filled with excess sediments or pollutants.

Does water go through silt fence?

Yes, silt fences are made of a woven synthetic material, usually a woven geotextile fabric. Woven geotextile fabrics are a semi impermeable fabric. They allow water to flow through the material slowly, while trapping sediment.

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