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6 inch wide landscape staples - extra long
6" Wide x 8" Long Landscape Staples SPECS
6" Wide x 8" Long Landscape Staples for Pipes
6" Extra Wide Landscape Staples
6 in. Wide Landscape Staples - 7 Gauge Galvanized Steel
8" Extra Long Landscape Staples
Hot dipped galvanized 6" Wide x 8" Long Landscape Staples
Heavy Duty 7 gauge steel 6"  x 8" Landscape Staples
large landscape staples with flat top, extra wide and extra long
8 inch long landscape staples - extra wide
extra wide landscape staples for sale in bulk
wholesale extra wide landscape staples
6" wide by 8" long landscape galvanized landscape staples
heavy duty extra wide landscape staples made from 7 gauge steel
extra wide landscape staples sold in packs

6 in. Wide Landscape Staples - 7 Gauge Galvanized Steel

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Our Widest Ground Staple!

This massive 6 inch wide landscape staple (ground staple) is SIX TIMES wider than your ordinary staples - perfect for holding down those big pipes (ex: French Drain). Plus, you can still use these large staples for standard applications like keeping your landscape fabric, ground cover, erosion control netting, sod, turf, or outdoor equipment in place.

Each staple is 8 inches long, making them great for soft and loose soils. And not to mention these things are tough! They're made from our heaviest duty 7 gauge steel and have chisel pointed ends to ensure they go into the ground easy without bending. Plus they're weather resistant, extremely resistant to rust. Order them today as low as $0.27 each.

If you are looking for a different size or gauge of staple to fit your needs, check out Sandbaggy's wide variety of landscape staples.


  • Length: 8 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Gauge: 7 (4.5mm thick)
  • Ends: Chisel Pointed
  • Head: Flat
  • Rust Resistant: Yes
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Weight: 2.4 oz/pc (0.15 lbs)


    • Cover More Ground With Our Widest Landscape Staples! These 6" wide staples are 6x wider than your standard landscape staples.  The perfect extra wide garden staple.
    • Stays Put Even In Loose Or Sandy Soils! Our 8 inch long landscape staples are 33% longer than your average staple, perfect for staying put in looser soils.
    • More Resistant To Rust: These aren't just your ordinary galvanized landscape staple, these are hot dipped galvanized, which provides even more protection against rust and corrosion. 
    • Hold Down Large Pipes! We designed these staples to hold down large pipes.
    • Great For A Variety Of Applications: Works for anything you'd normally use a regular landscape staple for, but is ideal when you need a larger staple. Hold down landscape fabric, erosion control netting, ground cover, sod, turf, & outdoor equipment. 
    • Made From Our Heaviest Duty Steel! These staples are made with our 7 gauge steel, the thickest steel we use for staples. This is 50% thicker than standard 11 gauge staples. 
    • Easy Installation: Each staple has chisel pointed ends to penetrate and stay in the soil, even on a windy day. 


    What's the difference between round top and square top sod staples?

    Square top 

    Square top sod staple have a flat top.

    Square top sod staples are typically used for securing landscape fabric, weed barrier fabric, dog fences & electric fences, controlling weed, securing synthetic turf, and holding sod.

    Round top

    Round top sod staples are rounded at the top.

    Round top sod staples are typically used to hold down irrigation pipes and PVC pipes.

    What gauge and size of landscape staples (sod staples) should I buy?


    The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the metal.

    With compact soil, use landscape staples with a lower gauge, i.e. 8 gauge, so that the staples don't snap while hammering them into the ground.

    With normal or looser soil, use landscape staples with a higher gauge, i.e. 11 gauge.

    11-gauge staples are suitable for most applications.


    Longer staples work better in looser soils.

    The added length ensures that the landscape staple will not move after installation.

    For most soils, 6" x 1" x 6" staples will work.

    For looser soils, use longer staples, such as 9" x 1" x 9" or 12" x 1" x 12" staples.



    1. Depending on how hard your soil is, separate each sod staple between 1-5 ft. For very soft soil, separate each staple by 1 ft. For very hard soil, separate each staple by 5 ft.
    Tools required for landscape staples installation:
    • Hammer
    • Gloves

    What are landscape staples?

    Landscape staples are metal fasteners that help hold down landscape fabric, erosion control mats, and other materials in place. They come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and finishes. 

    What gauge is best for landscape staples?

    The gauge of landscape staples indicates the thickness of the metal used. An 11-gauge is typically the best balance between strength and longevity, but tougher terrain may require a 8-gauge for more robust performance. Lower gauges offer superior durability but also come with an increased cost.

    How many landscape staples per square foot?

    The quantity of landscape staples per square foot will vary based on the material and soil composition. For example, we recommend a staple every 3-4 feet apart. When soil is hard or compacted, an increased number of staples may be needed.

    How far apart should landscape staples be placed?

    The ideal spacing for landscape staples is 3-4 feet apart. Placing the staples too close together can potentially weaken the secure hold of the material, while also risking damage to it.

    Learn more about all our Staples!

    Discover the perfect staple for you! Check out our Sandbaggy video to find out which of our staples will suit your needs and how to get 'em in there correctly.

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