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Where to buy sandbags for flooding? (For USA)

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

Local Hardware Store

You can go to your local hardware store to buy polypropylene sandbags for flooding.

The downside there is the sandbags are typically priced individually, with no bulk purchase discount, so it is expensive to buy sandbags in large quantities.

The selection is typically only limited to one size (14" x 26") and one color (white).

The store can easily run out of stock when there is high demand, such as during hurricane season on the East Coast or heavy flooding in the area.

You can purchase sandbags for flooding from at wholesale prices and quantities with free shipping anywhere in the continental USA (lower 48 states) within 4 business days.

Sandbaggy offers discounted pricing for larger quantities.

Sandbaggy offers two different sizes, and the standard size (14" x 26") comes in four different colors (white, green, beige, orange) for different purposes.

Sandbaggy always keeps 2 million sandbags for flooding in stock, so you don't have to worry about us being out of stock right when you most need sandbags. 

Choose a sandbag size to learn more

For sandbags for flooding, you can choose from two different sizes: 

14x26 polypropylene sandbags for flooding (available in white, green, beige, orange)
14" x 26"
(most popular)
18x30 heavy duty polypropylene sandbags
18" x 30"

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