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silt fence with stakes made in the USA
black silt fence with wooden stakes
black temporary silt fence for erosion control
black type c silt fence
silt fence for sediment control
black temporary fencing barrier with stakes
3 ft x 100 ft black silt fence with stakes
black silt fence with 11 pre attached 48 inch wood stakes
orange silt fence with stakes for construction
orange silt fence with stakes for slope erosion control
orange silt fence with stakes for sediment control
commercial grade silt fence for construction and contractors
orange temporary barrier with wooden stakes
uv protected orange filter fabric
premium silt fence wood stakes made in the usa
pre attached wood stakes to orange silt fence fabric
heavy duty wood stakes for silt fence
3 ft x 100 ft orange silt fence roll with 48 inch stakes
orange temporary silt fence with pre-attached wooden stakes
3 ft x 100 ft Silt Fence With Wooden Stakes (4 ft) - Sediment and Erosion Control (Orange / Black) - Made in USA
orange silt fence with stakes

3 ft x 100 ft Silt Fence With Wooden Stakes (4 ft) - Sediment and Erosion Control (Orange / Black) - Made in USA

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Easily Install A Temporary Fence On Construction Sites Or On Your Property!

Control erosion and stop sediment in its tracks with our Commercial Grade Silt Fence with Stakes. This type c silt fence boasts a non-water permeable fabric that acts like a shield, capturing and filtering out soil particles before they pollute waterways. The perfect choice for setting up temporary barriers on construction job sites or on your property. Proudly assembled in the USA, the fabric has been tested to meet ASTM standards.

Each roll features 11 wood stakes that are made right here in the USA! They're resistant to both decay and insects, making them an ideal choice for outdoor settings. And with added UV protection to the fabric, our silt fence will give you the long-lasting performance you can rely on. Trust the silt fence that works as hard as you do, providing strength, sustainability, and peace of mind in one reliable package.

*Wood stakes are 48 inches long, protrudes 10 inches from the fabric, and are secured to the fabric with 5 staples each.


  • Type: C
  • Commercial (Contractor) Grade: Yes
  • Color(s): Orange, Black
  • Weight (per roll): 21 lbs
  • Fabric
    • materialWoven Polypropylene
    • width: 3ft (36 inch)
    • length: 100 ft
    • thickness: 1.8 oz
    • UV Protected: Yes
    • Water Permeable: No
  • Stakes 
    • material: Douglas Fir Wood
    • width: 2 inch
    • length: 4 ft (48 inch)
    • thickness: 1 inch
    • spacing: 10 ft
    • qty: 11 per roll
    • pre-attached with 5 staples per stake


  • Made in the USA! Quality you can trust, fabric is tested to meet ASTM standards. We proudly support American manufacturing, workers, & families.
  • Optimal Erosion Control: These type c silt fence rolls are designed for areas with high water flow and steep slopes over 10 feet, making it perfect for difficult construction sites. 
  • Proven Commercial Grade Strength: Able to withstand demanding construction projects, our fabric is made from 100% virgin resin, providing additional strength compared with recycled resin and is tested to meet ASTM tests.
  • Premium Wood Stakes: Stakes are constructed from Douglas Fir Wood, a premium North American wood renowned for its strength, rot resistance, and sustainability. 
  • Prevent Sediment Runoff: Non-water permeable filter fabric effectively traps sediment and prevents water pollution.
  • UV Protected for extended life under the sun.
  • Easy to Cut, Great For A Variety Of Applications: Adapt to diverse job site needs without the need for specialized tools. This temporary silt fence is ideal for various erosion control needs in construction, landscaping, and other industries.

Comparison with Competition

orange silt fence fabric
  • UV Protection: added to fabric
  • Made from 100% virgin resin: provides additional strength compared with recycled resin
  • Laboratory tested: to meet ASTM tests
  • Pre-shipment inspection: fabric inspected for irregularities and breakages before shipment

Results on ASTM Test

Every batch of fabric is lab tested to ensure consistency and quality throughout the fabric roll.

  • UV Protection: ASTM D4355 - at least 80% strength after 500 hours


What are silt fences used for?

Silt fences are essential for preventing soil and sediment from washing away into waterways, maintaining clean water quality and protecting the environment from the negative impacts of construction and land development. They are often used on construction sites for erosion control. They also have other applications, such as:

  1. Protecting ditches, swales, and other drainage features.
  2. Diverting rainwater and runoff away from sensitive areas.
  3. Controlling sediment around landscaping projects.
  4. Reducing dust and debris blowing from construction sites.

Best Practices For Installing

  1. Clear the area and mark the fence line.
  2. Check the fence for rips and wobbly stakes.
  3. Dig a ditch (optional, depending on application needed): Makes it super stable, especially on slopes.
  4. Unroll the fence: Keep the bottom folded in and stakes standing tall.
  5. Stake it down: Hammer them in good at the right spots. Fill the ditch if you dug one.
  6. Join the edges: Overlap them and staple them together like friends holding hands.

Tip: Check on it often and fix any rips or wobbly stakes.

Does water go through silt fence?

Yes, silt fences are made of a woven synthetic material, usually a woven geotextile fabric. Woven geotextile fabrics are a semi impermeable fabric. They allow water to flow through the material slowly, while trapping sediment.

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