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12" wood grading stakes
12 inch wood stakes made in the USA
12" Wood Stakes for Construction
12" wood stakes with chisel point ends
Insect Resistant Wood Stakes
12" Wooden Gardening Stakes
Heavy Duty 12" Wooden Stakes
Douglas Fir Wood Stakes for Sale By The Pallet
1 ft wooden garden stakes
Wood Stakes for construction sold on pallet in bundles of 50 stakes
heavy duty 1" x 2" x 12" wood stakes with chisel point
short wood stakes sold in bundles
1 ft wood grading stakes
12" wood grading stakes bundle of 50

12" Wooden Grading Stakes - Garden Stakes, Concrete Forms - 1" x 2" x 12" (50 Bundle) - Made In The USA

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Great for Construction, Gardening, & Concrete Forms!

Sandbaggy 12" Wooden Grading Stakes are perfect for construction or engineering projects! They help achieve the desired slope angle on site, serving as reference points for the workers. You can also use these wooden stakes for silt fence installation, a variety of garden applications, and securing and aligning concrete form boards.  They’re extremely easy to install with a chisel point end. Use them as 12" wood garden stakes to support plants or mark locations of trees and shrubs in landscaping projects.

Our wood stakes are much easier to use than alternative materials. Our wood stakes are made from Douglas Fir wood, a popular choice of wood in the construction industry for various purposes, such as surveying and grading. Douglas Fir is lightweight, strong, durable, and relatively straight-grained wood. It also has good resistance to decay and insects. Plus it’s a more environmentally friendly option than metal or plastic.

We have a variety of sizes of grading stakes for sale:


  • Material: Douglas Fir
  • Length: 12" (1 ft)
  • Width: 2"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Weight: 2 oz per stake (0.125 lbs)
  • Packaging: Bundles of 50 wood stakes
  • Uses:
    • Building Supplies
    • construction
    • engineering
    • Concrete Forms
    • silt fence installation
    • Gardening - Plant Supports, Vegetable Gardens
    • Landscaping


  • Made From Durable, Long Lasting Wood: We chose to make our wood stakes from Douglas Fir wood, a strong, durable, and relatively straight-grained wood. Douglas Fir is also a dimensionally stable wood species, which means that it is less likely to warp, twist, or split over time.
  • Resistance To Decay & Insects: Douglas Fir has good resistance to decay and insects, which makes it ideal for use in outdoor applications where the stakes will be exposed to the elements.
  • Super Strong Stakes: Our wood stakes are 1” thick to ensure they won’t break when installing.
  • Chisel Point Ends For Easy Installation - Install these wooden stakes with a post driver or rubber mallet.
  • Perfect For Marking Construction Sites: You can easily paint or stain these wood grade stakes, making them ideal on construction job sites for marking elevation or slope angle.
  • Great For Gardening: Use these as plant stakes to support your plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and other climbing vegetables.
  • Use for Landscaping:  12 inch wood stakes are commonly used in landscaping projects to mark the location of trees, shrubs, and other plants.
  • Stabilize Your Concrete Forms! Strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of wet concrete.
  • Eco Friendly: Wood stakes are a much more eco friendly alternative to plastic or metal, making them ideal to use in gardening and landscaping applications.
  • Packaged in Bundles of 50 Stakes
  • Made in the USA


What is a grading stake?

A grading stake is a wooden stake that is used in construction or landscaping projects to mark out areas and provide elevation or slope information for grading and drainage. They are often made of wood and are marked with information about the project, such as elevation or slope information.

How do you read grade stakes?

To read a grade stake, you need to look at the markings on the stake. The markings will typically indicate the elevation at that point, as well as the slope or gradient of the ground. The elevation may be marked in feet or inches, and the slope may be marked as a percentage or a ratio. You can use this information to ensure that the grading or excavation work is done to the correct specifications.

What is the purpose of a grade stake?

The purpose of a grade stake is to provide elevation or slope information for grading and drainage in construction or landscaping projects. They are used to ensure that the grading or excavation work is done to the correct specifications and to help prevent issues such as erosion, flooding, or foundation damage.

What is a slope grade stake?

A slope grade stake is a type of grading stake that is used to indicate the slope or gradient of the ground at a particular point. They are marked with information about the slope, which may be given as a percentage or a ratio.

Can you use wood stakes for concrete forms?

Wooden stakes are a dependable and cost-effective choice for concrete formwork. They are simple to place in the soil and affix to formboards, able to carry the load of freshly-poured concrete.

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