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25 lb saddle sandbag ballast filled with sand
heavy duty saddle sandbags
heavy duty empty saddle sandbags
heavy duty fillable nylon saddle sandbags hold up to 25 lbs
empty and refillable saddle sandbags with zipper closure
10 inch wide by 23 inch long saddle sandbags with handle and Carabiner Clip
black saddle sandbag weights for tents and canopies
black photography sandbag weights
studio sandbag weights
sandbag ballasts for banners and signs
empty 2 sided andbags
saddle sandbag with handle
saddle sandbags with attachment clip for hanging
nylon double sided sandbags
filled saddle sandbags single sided handle

Empty Saddle Sandbags For Photography (25 lb. Capacity)

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Weigh Down Photography Equipment, Canopies, & More With Our Sandbag Ballasts!

Stop your equipment from getting knocked down by the wind, pedestrians, or other hazards, just fill up our Empty Saddle Sandbags with sand, gravel, or anything else and you’re good to go! (Carabiner clip included on each sandbag)

Most commonly used as production or photography sandbags, these are ideal for weighing down your light stands, tripods, backdrops, props, etc. They’re also very popular for holding down tents and canopies.

Each Saddle Sandbag can hold up to 25 lbs and are constructed to stand up to daily use, whether outdoors or on set. They have a built-in single sided handle making them easy to transport and carry, a double zipper to prevent leaks, plus they are water resistant. Order them today as low as $4.58 each. Learn more below! (also available in a pre-filled version)


  • Material: Nylon
  • Size (Dimensions): 23 inch length x 10 inch width
  • Handles (Dimensions):11 inch.
  • Weight6.5 oz (0.41 lbs)
  • Handle Material: Nylon
  • Handle Type: Single Sided
  • Closure: Double Zipper
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Capacity: 25 lb
  • Refillable
  • Water Resistant
  • Reusable - Machine Washable
  • Carabiner Clip Included


  • Holds up to 25 lbs without Breaking! Fill these sandbags ballasts with up to 25 lbs of any material (sand, gravel, rocks, etc.) and they won’t break. Made from nylon, each sandbag can withstand rough handling and exposure to various environmental conditions. Perfect for outdoor use.
  • Easy To Carry 2x Bigger Handle! Our handle is 2 inches wide, which is twice as long as many other saddle sandbags on the market. These saddle sandbags are easy to carry and much better for carrying heavy loads.
  • Reinforced Stitching Prevents Sand Leakage: Made to hold up for day-to-day use whether on set or outdoors, each saddle sandbag has reinforced stitching to prevent sand leakage.
  • Double Zipper Closure: These sandbags have a double zipper closure and can easily be emptied and filled back up with sand, gravel, rocks, etc.
  • Water and UV Resistant: Nylon sandbags can be used in outdoor settings without degrading from exposure to sunlight or moisture.
  • Hold Photography Equipment in Place: The saddle sandbag design helps to effectively hold down and stabilize a variety of production and camera equipment like tripods, light stands, and backdrops. Perfect for windy or conditions with uneven ground.
  • Weigh Down Outdoor Equipment: Use these at the base of a variety of signs, posts, canopies, & tents to prevent them from getting knocked down by the wind.
  • Carabiner Clip Included: Use to hang sandbags.


What are sandbags used for in Photography?

Sandbags are used in photography to provide stability and support to equipment such as light stands, tripods, and backdrops. Here are some common uses of sandbags in photography:

  • Stabilizing Light Stands and Tripods.
  • Anchoring Backdrops
  • Supporting Props
  • Balancing Strobes

How do you use sandbags for a tripod?

Here are some steps to use sandbags for a tripod:

  1. First determine the weight of your tripod. Then choose the appropriate size and weight of sandbags you’ll need to provide stability.
  2. Place the sandbags on the legs of your tripod, by either wrapping the sandbag around the leg or placing it on top of the foot.
  3. Secure the sandbags to the tripod leg with a clip or strap. This will prevent the sandbags from sliding down the leg or moving around during the shoot. Then adjust the sandbags as needed.

Why use saddle sandbags for photography?

Saddle sandbags are used to add stability to photography equipment, such as light stands and tripods. They are most helpful in windy or uneven shooting conditions, to help prevent the equipment from tipping over. Other uses for these sandbags are to anchor backdrops or props in place.

What are the benefits of using saddle sandbags?

Use saddle sandbags to improve stability and safety for your photography equipment. Just fill them up with sand, pellets, gravel, etc, and adjust them as needed.

How do you fill saddle sandbags?

Use a funnel to fill saddle sandbags with material. Make sure you don’t fill past the sandbag’s weight capacity.

How do you use saddle sandbags?

Use saddle sandbags by placing them over the legs of a light stand or tripod, or drape them over a backdrop stand. Then secure them in place using clips or straps. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly across the equipment.

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