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white small sandbags
polypropylene empty sandbags specifications
Sandbaggy white fillable sandbags are heavy duty.
small 12 inch x 15 inch sandbags holds 15 lbs of sand gravel soil to hold down signs or tents
sand bags for weighing down outdoor equipment like tents, signs, canopies.
UV Resistant Sandbags
empty sandbags for tents with tie string attached
Sandbaggy 12" x 15" Poly Sandbags
sandbag filling instructions

12” x 15” Small Empty Sandbags - UV Protected - Hold Down Signs & Tents

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Weigh Down Your Outdoor Equipment!

Don't let the wind knock over your outdoor equipment! Sandbaggy's Small Empty Sandbags are the perfect option to hold them in one place.

Use these small sandbags for tents, canopies, gazebos, or signs. You can fill them with sand, dirt, or gravel and then easily close them up with the pre-attached string tie.

These are heavy duty sandbags, with a weight capacity of 50 lbs and built to withstand 100° F direct sunlight for 9 months! They're a great choice for any application, making them the perfect sandbag weights for all your needs.


  • Size: 12 in. x 15 in.
  • Material: woven polypropylene, with 10x10 weave count
  • Weight capacity: 40 lb
    • UV protection: 1,600 hours, more than twice the protection as the other colors
      • Built to withstand 100°F direct sunlight for 9 months in hot, sunny states such as Arizona, Florida, and California
      • Can last 9-24 months in cooler, less sunny states
    • Color: White


    • Heavy Duty: These sandbags have a 50 lb. weight capacity and can be dropped up to 10 times from a 4ft high distance without breaking.
    • Fillable: Fill these empty sandbags with 15 lbs. of sand, gravel, or dirt. Our tough polypropylene sand bags are built to effectively hold all types of material without breaking.
    • Includes ties: once the empty sandbag is filled, use the pre-attached tie string to close the top of the bag
    • Customers love them: “These bags did the job perfectly!” - Allan L. “Bags were sturdy, very well made. Would def buy again.” - S. Hoffman. “Amazing sandbags. Ordered multiple times” - Christopher R. That's why Sandbaggy Sandbags are the #1 best selling sandbags on the Internet, with over 4 million Sandbaggy Sandbags installed across this great country.
    • Quality guarantee: If these sandbags do not live up to your expectations, let us know and we will give you your money back.
    • Free shipping: arrives in 4-5 business days 


    What to do with empty sandbags?

    Use empty sandbags for weighing down your outdoor equipment and preventing it from falling down. When filled with at least 15 lbs. of sand, they work perfectly as tent weights.

    What can I use to weigh down my tent?

    To weigh down your tent you can use the following:

    • Sandbags
    • Cinder Blocks
    • Filled Buckets
    • Tent Stakes (when tent is on soil)

    How do you hold a tent down without stakes?

    If you don't have tent stakes, using things such as sandbags or rocks is a great option! Just place them on the corners of your tent.

    Sandbags also work great as Easy Up weights.

    How do you weigh down a canopy?

    To weigh down a canopy you always want to anchor your canopy with stakes when possible, then for additional support tie sandbags to each leg of the canopy. The weight of the sandbag will depend on the canopy size, for a 10x10 canopy 24 lbs minimum and 40 lbs maximum should suffice.

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