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prefilled burlap sandbags by the pallet
prefilled burlap sandbags
heavy duty 14 x 26 burlap sandbags
filled burlap sandbags for flood protection and erosion control
100% biodegradable burlap sandbags
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prefilled burlap sandbags for construction
prefilled burlap sandbags construction grade
prefilled burlap sandbags by the pallet

Pre Filled Burlap Sandbags (30 lbs each) - Size: 14" x 26" - 100% Biodegradable

  • $472.00
  • Save $2,113

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30 lb Burlap Sandbags For Sale By The Pallet Or Truckload!

We'll do all the heavy lifting! Order Sandbaggy Pre Filled Burlap Sandbags For Sale today and have filled 30 lb sandbags delivered to your doorstep! Each sandbag is filled with 30 lbs of sand, is UV resistant, and refillable with up to a 50 lb weight capacity. These bags can also be filled with gravel. You can order Sandbags by the pallet or truckload.

  • Each pallet is 2,250 lbs and holds 75 Filled Sandbags 
  • Each truckload holds 1500 Filled Sandbags - please note that truckload deliveries requires a forklift & pallet jack onsite to offload pallets. 53 ft Dry Van is used for delivery
    • Additional delivery fees apply if no forklift is available
    • Production Lead Time - 3 days to 2 weeks 

Key Features

  • 100% Biodegradable (Eco-Friendly)
  • All Natural - No Synthetic Additives
  • Great For Flood Protection, Erosion Control, & Construction Applications
  • Military Grade Burlap

      Exclusive Free Shipping To Southern California!

      Due to the weight of these prefilled sandbags, we are only able to offer free shipping to Southern California addresses (price is marked up for areas outside of Southern California).

      Not sure if you are a Southern California address? Check your zip code with our delivery service here :

      **Additional fees apply for delivery addresses that cannot deliver with a 53 ft dry van. Plus if there is no forklift or pallet jack onsite, there will be additional charges.

      Discounted Shipping To Northern California, Utah, Nevada & Arizona!

      We offer a $1000 Flat Rate Shipping Fee Per Truckload. Whether you buy 750 bags or 1500 bags, its $1000/truck! 

      Need 3000 bags? It's $2000

      Discounted Shipping To Oregon, Washington State & Colorado!

      We offer a $2000 Flat Rate Shipping Fee Per Truckload. Whether you buy 750 bags or 1500 bags, its $2000/truck! 

      Need 3000 bags? It's $4000

      Environmentally Friendly Sandbags For Flooding, Erosion Control, & Construction!

      Sandbaggy prefilled burlap sandbags are completely 100% biodegradable sandbags, made from natural jute plants. This means they require no cleanup after installation and will become a natural part of the environment over time. They're great for flood prevention, erosion control, and a variety of construction applications.

      Our heavy duty burlap bags are made with 9-ounce burlap fibers, 20-30% thicker than standard burlap bags, for up to a 50-pound capacity without rupture. Get a pallet of prefilled burlap sandbags at wholesale pricing, as low as $3.57 each when you buy in bulk.


      • Size: 14" x 26"
      • Color: Brown
      • Material: Jute
      • Fabric: Mesh
      • Weight Capacity: 50 lb
      • Tie Strings: Yes
      • All Natural: Yes (no synthetic additives)
      • Biodegradable: Yes
      • Lifespan: Up to 4 Months (depending on site conditions)


      • Perfect For Many Applications: Build sandbag walls, divert water, and protect shorelines and properties with our burlap sandbags. They're ideal for homeowners and businesses in flood-prone areas, emergency management agencies, and construction companies.
      • All Natural & 100% Biodegradable: No clean-up and zero carbon emissions. This environmentally friendly sandbag naturally breaks down (lasts up to 4 months depending on site conditions) becoming fertilizer for your soil. No synthetic additives are added to our burlap bags. Bags absorb moisture & allows airflow.
      • Extra Strength Military Grade Burlap - Sandbaggy 14" x 26" Burlap Sandbags are 20-30% thicker than the competition. Made from 9 oz thick jute fibers and proprietary sewing to ensure the bag does not rupture when filled.
      • Holds Up To 50 lbs. Without Breaking! Sandbaggy burlap bags are rated to hold at least 50 lbs. Typical rated burlap bags are rated to hold approximately 30 lbs.
      • Tie strings attached for fast and easy installation.
      • Save Big When You Buy In Bulk! Get burlap sandbags at wholesale prices. We sell these sandbags as low as $3.57 each


      What is the best material for sandbags?

      The best sandbag material will depend on the application it is being used for, here are some of the most  common:

      • Burlap: A natural and biodegradable option. Burlap sandbags are not as water-resistant as other types of sandbags.
      • Polypropylene: More water-resistant, durable, and lightweight than burlap sandbags.
      • Polyethylene: Very water-resistant and durable. Polyethylene is the most resistant to UV degradation as compared to other types of sandbags.

      How long do Burlap Sandbags last?

      Our untreated (no synthetic additives) burlap sandbags typically last up to 4 months. However, their lifespan can be shortened by exposure to sunlight, moisture, and other environmental factors.

      How much weight can burlap sandbags hold?

      The amount of weight that a burlap sandbag can hold depends on a number of factors, including the quality and thickness of the burlap, the size of the burlap bag, and how the bag is filled.

      Sandbaggy uses 9 oz jute fibers, as well as a proprietary sewing method to ensure our bags can hold 50 lbs. of material without rupturing. That's 20 lbs. more than many other burlap bags on the market,

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