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straw matting roll
Straw erosion control blanket for slope stability
straw matting rolls for slope erosion control (3 to 1 or 2 to 1 slopes)
biodegradable straw matting rolls enrich soil
Double net straw matting rolls are heavy duty
straw blankets for erosion control on moderate flow channels
Straw Blanket retain soil moisture to promote the growth of vegetation
4 ft straw matting roll
biodegradable straw matting
Hay Matting Rolls
double net straw blanket
4 ft wide x 112 ft long straw matting roll - 450 sq ft per roll
4 ft straw matting roll

Straw Mat with Double Net - Erosion Control (Biodegradable) - 4 ft or 8 ft Wide (Lasts 2 yr)

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Erosion Control For Slopes, Flow Channels, & Grass Seeding

Sandbaggy Straw Matting Rolls are great for controlling erosion on hillsides and moderate flow channels. They help to retain ground soil, thus promoting the growth of vegetation. Use them on slopes that have 3:1 to 2:1 incline (for steeper slopes see our coconut erosion control blanket).

You can also use this straw matting for grass seeding. It provides a layer of protection and insulation and fertilizes the soil as it decomposes.

This is a double net straw blanket, making it a strong erosion control product. Get them wholesale as low as $72 per straw roll.


  • Recommended Slope: 3:1 - 2:1
  • Sizes
    • 4 ft x 112 ft (448 sqr ft)
    • 8 ft x 112 ft (896 sq ft)
  • Material: Straw (Hay)
  • Netting: Double Net (Plastic)
  • Lifespan: up to 24 months (2 years)
  • Made in the USA


  • Promote Slope Stability for 3:1 - 2:1 Slopes: Perfect for all types of slopes (landfill slopes, drainage slopes, road slopes, etc.). Straw helps to prevent run-off since it’s able to absorb and retain water.
  • Control Erosion For Moderate Flow Channels: Straw matting is a great solution to slow down the water flow in moderate flow channels. Straw provides a rough surface that helps to trap sediment, which can reduce erosion.
  • Double Net For Increase Strength and Stability: Double net straw blankets are better able to resist erosion and are longer lasting than single net straw blankets.
  • Retains Moisture in Soil: Straw has more natural moisture retention properties than coir, jute, or coconut matting, which can help promote the growth of vegetation.
  • Great For Seed Germination: Straw blankets provide better seed-to-soil contact than other erosion control matting alternatives.
  • Easy to Install With Sod Staples: Straw blankets are easy to install with sod staples and do not require special equipment or expertise. Coir, coconut, and jute matting may require more specialized installation techniques.
  • Biodegradable: Straw blankets are biodegradable and will eventually break down over time, leaving behind organic matter that can enrich the soil. Coir, coconut, and jute matting are also biodegradable, but they may take longer to break down and may leave behind more fibrous material.
  • Made in the USA

Installation Instructions

  1. Prepare the soil by raking the area free of stones and clods. A Bobcat or tractor may be needed for large jobs. Do not compact. If using fertilizer, add it to the soil before grading.
  2. Seeds and Mulch (if required) should be distributed evenly over the prepared soil.
  3. Straw Blanket should be applied by unrolling down the slope or in the direction of water-flow.
  4. Dig a trench across the top of the slope. This trench should be 6 inches by 6 inches.
  5. Install the Straw Blanket in the trench. Place at least 12 inches of the roll above the trench (further up the slope). Space each staple about a foot apart inside the trench
  6. Once staples are installed inside the trench, backfill and compact dirt inside the trench.
  7. Bring the extra 12 inches of the coconut roll (on step 5) and cover the trench area. Use additional staples (1 foot apart) secure.
  8. Place staples 18" to 24" apart throughout to secure matting to ground. All staples must be driven flush with soil surface.
  9. Always overlap the edges 2" to 6". At the end of each roll, fold back 4" to 9” of the matting. Overlap this 4" to 8" over the start of the next roll. Securely staple the two layers to the ground.


What is straw matting?

Straw matting, also known as straw blankets, is a type of erosion control product made from straw fibers that are woven together and held in place with netting. Straw matting is used to protect bare soil from erosion and promote the establishment of vegetation. The blanket can be placed directly on the soil surface and secured in place with stakes or staples.

Do you remove straw matting?

Straw matting is a biodegradable product and will eventually break down over time. In most cases, it is not necessary to remove straw matting once it has been installed, as it will decompose naturally and add organic matter to the soil. However, if the straw matting is still intact after the vegetation has become established, it may be removed to allow for better access and maintenance of the area. If the straw matting has become damaged or torn and is no longer serving its intended purpose, it may also need to be removed and replaced.

What is the difference between double net and single net straw blankets?

Double net straw blankets have two layers of netting, while single net straw blankets have one. The additional layer of netting provides increased strength and durability, making double net straw blankets suitable for use in areas with higher flow rates, steeper slopes, or more severe erosion conditions. Double net straw blankets can also provide better erosion control and improved growing conditions for vegetation. However, the choice between double net and single net straw blankets should be based on the specific site conditions and erosion control needs.

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