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FIBC Bulk Bags

Great For Packing, Shipping, and Storage

Sandbaggy selection of FIBC Bulk Bags (also known as super sacks) are great for handling large quantities of materials. Use them to store and transport food products like rice, beans, sugar, nuts, etc. or other materials like compost, sand, debris, trash, or gravel.

Our FIBC Bulk Bags are made of woven polypropylene, which makes them tough, lightweight, and flexible. Our new FIBC Bulk Bags have a 3000 lb. weight capacity and our used FIBC Bulk Bags have a 2000 lb. weight capacity.

All of our bags are easy to use, as they contain a duffle top and spout bottom. Buy them in bulk for a price as low as $5.70 each!


What are FIBC bags used for?

FIBC bags are used for packing, storing and transporting flowable goods in bulk quantities. They have a wide variety of uses.

What are FIBC bags made of?

FIBC bags are commonly made of woven polypropylene, which is a plastic. Using this material makes the bags lightweight, strong, and flexible.

What does FIBC stand for?

FIBC stands for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. FIBC's are made for storing and transporting dry and flowable goods in bulk quantities. What makes them flexible is that they are made from a woven plastic, either polyethylene or polypropylene.

Are FIBC bulk bags 1 ton?

FIBC Bulk Bags are also known as 1 ton bags, though they can hold more than 1 ton. Bulk bags should be able to hold a weight capacity of at least 2000 lbs.

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