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20 oz white rubber mallet with wood handle
Sandbaggy Large Rubber Mallet
Rubber Mallet with tent peg remover
rubber mallet removing landscape staples
14" soft rubber mallet with white head
rubber mallet with white head 2" x 3"
heavy duty rubber mallet
white rubber mallet close up
white rubber mallet tent peg remover for removing landscape staples and landscape netting.
white rubber mallet for construction
rubber mallet for landscaping

White Soft Rubber Mallet For Installing Landscape Staples - Solid Oak Handle

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 A Large Mallet For Heavy Duty Jobs!

Sandbaggy Soft Rubber Mallets are great for tough and heavy duty jobs! Our large white rubber mallet is 50% larger and 2x thicker than the competition. They're the perfect mallet to insert landscape staples or tent stakes into hard rocky soil. Plus, they have a tent peg remover at the bottom of the handle making it super easy to remove staples and pins from the ground.


  • Weight: 1.25 lbs or 2X heavier than others on the Internet
  • Product Dimensions: 14 in (mallet length) x 3 in (head length) x 2 in (head width)
  • Materials: Rubber, Wood
  • Tent Peg Remover
  • Color: White


  • WHITE RUBBER HEAD: Using white rubber mallets ensure you aren't marring or leaving marks on your surfaces, while also being bounce resistant.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from Solid Oak and High Impact Rubber, this Sandbaggy Rubber Mallet is made to last a LONG TIME!
  • INCLUDES TENT PEG REMOVER - Need to remove tent staples/pins from the ground? Use the end hook and pull out staples with ease! This End Hook can also easily be removed (if needed)
  • INSTALL LANDSCAPE STAPLES: Works much better than a hammer. The repulse from metal hitting metal causes repetitive motion injuries. Instead, use a Soft Rubber Mallet. Soft rubber material reduces the chance of repetitive motion injury. Hammer down staples quickly and easily with a Rubber Mallet.
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS: Use Sandbaggy rubber mallet for landscaping, construction, woodworking, and automotive applications!
  • WOODEN HANDLE- This large rubber mallet has a comfortable wood handle made for all day use.
  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE BIG - Increase your order size to save BIG!


What is a rubber mallet used for?

Rubber mallets are commonly used as an alternative to a metal hammer. Rubber mallets are less likely to damage or leave a mark on the item being hammered and deliver a more gentle strike. They are commonly used for

  • landscaping
  • farming
  • construction
  • wood working

What's the difference between a hammer and rubber mallet?

Hammers typically have metal heads, while mallet heads are typically made from rubber or wood. Also hammers have only one flat side on the head, which are usually much smaller in diameter than that of a mallet. Hammers are used for more force, while mallets are used to deliver a more gentle blow.

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