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black 48 inch plastic step-in fence post
black 4 ft plastic step-in fence post
black 4 ft step-in fence post for temporary fencing
Black 4 ft step-in fence post
Black Plastic 48 inch plastic electric fence posts
black 4 ft electric step-in fence post
black 4 ft step-in fence post uv resistant
black 4 ft step-in fence post for hard rocky soils
black 48 inch temporary fence posts with 8 open plastic clips for electrical wire
black plastic step-in posts for electric fence
black poly fence post with steel pointed end
black poly fence post with step in flange
black plastic fence posts for poly tape
push in plastic fence posts
open clips on posts for varying fence heights

4 ft Plastic Step In Electric Fence Posts - UV Resistant (Black)

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Easily Install An Electrical Fence!

Introducing our versatile 4 ft plastic step-in electric fence posts! Designed for both temporary and semi-permanent fencing needs, these posts are perfect for a range of applications. Whether you're containing livestock, managing rotational grazing, protecting your garden, establishing a security perimeter, or containing pets, these durable and easy-to-use posts have got you covered. 

Sandbaggy 4 ft step in fence posts are UV protected for extended life under the sun, and are extremely easy to set up and install. With their sharp chisel pointed ends, you can even install these into harder rockier soils. Order them today as low as $3.30 each. Learn more below.

Please note they are 3 ft tall when fully inserted into the ground.


  • Height: 48” (4 ft)
    • 36” (3 ft) above ground
  • Material: Plastic
    • Spike: Steel
  • UV Resistant: Yes
    • Color: Black
    • Weight: 0.9 lbs
    • Clips: 8
    • Post Type: Step-in Post
    • Compatible With
      • Poly Tape (up to 2 in. Wide)
      • Electrical Wire
    • Use
      • temporary fencing
      • semi-permanent fencing


      • Perfect for Temporary Fence Posts: our 4 ft Plastic Step-In Electric Fence Posts offer quick and easy installation, allowing you to set up temporary enclosures effortlessly. Their lightweight design and step-in flange make them the ideal choice for temporary applications.
      • UV Resistant: Built to withstand prolonged sun exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.
      • Works With Poly Tape & Electrical Wire: Compatible with both poly tape (up to 2 inches wide) and electrical wire, offering flexibility for your fencing setup.
      • 8 Open Clips: Designed with 8 open clips, providing easy wire installation and allowing for adjustable fence heights to meet your specific needs.
      • Sharp Steel Chisel Pointed End: Equipped with a sharp chisel pointed end made of heavy duty steel, effortlessly penetrate various types of ground, including harder and rockier soils, for hassle-free installation.
      • Lightweight Plastic Design: With our plastic electric fence posts, you'll experience the utmost convenience as their lightweight construction simplifies fence installation, enabling effortless repositioning and reinstallation whenever needed.
      • Fast and Easy Installation: Convenient step-in flange, sharp chisel point end, no insulators required, & 8 open clips for varying heights.


      What is a step-in fence post?

      A step-in fence post is a type of fence post designed with a step-in flange at the bottom, allowing easy installation by simply stepping on or applying downward pressure with your foot. Step-in fence posts are commonly used in temporary or portable fencing applications, as they provide convenience and ease of setup.

      How far apart should step-in posts be?

      The spacing between step-in posts depends on various factors, such as the type of animal being contained and the tension of the fence wire. As a general guideline, for temporary electric fencing, step-in posts are typically placed 10 to 15 feet apart. However, in areas with higher animal pressure or if using thicker wire, closer spacing of 6 to 8 feet may be required for better stability.

      How many fence posts do I need?

      The number of fence posts required depends on the length of your fence line, the desired spacing between posts, and the type of fencing material being used. As a rule of thumb, for temporary electric fencing, plan on using one post every 10 to 15 feet. Calculate the total length of your fence line and divide it by the desired spacing to determine the number of posts needed.

      How deep should an electric fence post be?

      The depth at which electric fence posts should be installed depends on the type of soil and the intended purpose of the fence. In most cases, for temporary electric fences, step-in posts are inserted into the ground until the bottom of the step-in flange reaches the soil surface. This provides sufficient stability for temporary use. However, in areas with loose or sandy soil, deeper insertion may be necessary for better support.

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