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Clear Reclosable Zip Lock Bags - 4 Mil Thick, Food Grade Plastic

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Heavy Duty Plastic Bags

Sandbaggy Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bags are 250% thicker than typical household Ziploc brand bags! Made from 100% virgin polyethylene, these plastic bags were created brand new, not from recycled materials.

Our industrial grade zip lock bags are so tough they can hold rocks without breaking and hold liquids without leaking. Plus you can reuse or recyle them!


  • sizes: 4" x 6", 9" x 12", 12" x 15"
  • material: Virgin Polyethylene (Plastic)
  • thickness: 4 Mil
  • color: Clear
  • Packaging - 100 pcs/bag, 1000 bags per box
    • Bags will be folded in half for more economical shipping. All bags are sub-packed,


  • INDUSTRIAL GRADE 4 MIL CONSTRUCTION - Sandbaggy Zip Lock Bags are 250% thicker than typical household Ziploc brand bags, which means a much TOUGHER product. Wanna fill a bag with rocks? No problem!
  • GREAT FOR MANY APPLICATIONS - This resealable plastic bag can be used to store parts, tools and other food products.
  • FDA & USDA COMPLIANT - Made with 100% virgin polyethylene film, Sandbaggy 4 Mil Zip Lock Bags are a food grade plastic, safe for food storage.
  • 100% RECYCLABLE - Free of sulfur, amine/silicone, latex, BHT, chlorine and PVC; this Sandbaggy product can be fully recycled after use.
  • FREEZER SAFE - Safe for use in freezers!
  • BUY IN BULK AND SAVE BIG $$$ - the more bags you buy, the lower the unit cost!
  • CAN HOLD LIQUIDS - Need the bag to hold LIQUIDS? No problem!
  • REUSABLE - Easily wash and reuse these bags with warm soapy water. Just make sure you don't use too hot of water as that can melt the plastic.


What mil thickness are zip lock freezer bags?

Freezer bags should be at a minimum 2 Mil thick, Ziploc brand freezer bags are 2.7 mil. So anything above 2 mil thick is good for freezers.

How many times can you reuse a zip lock bag?

You can wash and reuse a zip lock bag until it breaks. It's important to note that the thicker the bag, the more reusable it will be.

How to wash reusable zip lock bags?

If you are going to reuse a zip lock bag, make sure you don't wash it with extremely hot water since you don't want to melt the plastic, which can seep into your food. To clean the bag just use warm soapy water.

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