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Posted by Sandy Baggs on

Cultural, Authentic & Sustainable: This is your brain on travel.

We showcase the essence of place, what's unique and original, and what locals cherish most about where they live. And we highlight places, practices, and people that are on the front lines of sustainable travel--travel that preserves places' essential uniqueness for future generations.

We're on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places--and we're taking you along for the ride.

In Search of a Lower-Key Miami

“Have a seat by the window,” said the host at Osteria del Teatro as he led me to a table with a view. “It’s better to watch the wildlife that way,” he concluded with a wink. Before long, I was enjoying the show–a parade of people streaming toward Washington Avenue, one of the most happening thoroughfares…

I Heart My City: Stephanie’s Taipei

Stephanie Hsu, who hails from New Jersey, relocated to Taipei on a “winter-break whim” and has never looked back. She now spends her days studying business at National Taiwan University and blogging about the place she calls home on her website, The Thousandth Girl. Here are a few of Stephanie’s favorite things about the city The Wall Street Journal’s China bureau described as “Asia’s answer to Portland, Oregon.”

Seeing Travel in a New Light

I consider travel an enlightening experience, but it never occurred to me that beams of light might change the way we travel. Recently, lighting scientists (yes, they exist) have dissected the specific wavelengths of electric light to better understand how they affect our bodies. “Hotels will offer guest rooms with lights that help us to…

Tips for Road Tripping With Fido

Steinbeck had Charley. Dorothy had Toto. Heck, even Waldo had Woof for company as he ventured into the Land of Waldos. Real and fictional, canine traveling companions have a long and celebrated history. Here’s how to road trip with fido like a pro.

Virtual Photo Workshop: Cherry Blossom Edition

Washington, D.C.’s famous cherry trees are just about to pop into full bloom, and Nat Geo Travel’s here to take you there in real time with Dan Westergren, the head of photography for Traveler magazine. During this Google Hangout On Air, Dan will be going down to one of the District’s most photogenic spots–the Tidal Basin–to show…

Insider’s Guide to Cincinnati

Ohio’s city of seven hills is on the way up. New riverfront parks and neighborhood comebacks are revitalizing Cincinnati’s urban core—a mix of industrial grit and Victorian ornamentation that wags call “sauerbraten Gothic.”

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