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Innovation and the State (YalePressWiki)

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

The 1990s brought surprising industrial development in emerging economies around the globe: firms in countries not previously known for their high-technology industries moved to the forefront in new Information Technologies (IT) by using different business models and carving out unique positions in the global IT production networks.

In this book Dan Breznitz asks why economies of different countries develop in different ways, and his answer relies on his exhaustive research into the comparative experiences of Israel, Taiwan, and Ireland—states that made different choices to nurture the growth of their IT industries.

The role of the state in economic development has changed, Breznitz concludes, but it has by no means disappeared. He offers a new way of thinking about state-led rapid-innovation-based industrial development that takes into account the ways production and innovation are now conducted globally. And he offers specific guidelines to help states make advantageous decisions about research and development, relationships with foreign firms and investors, and other critical issues.

Innovation and the State book cover

Innovation and the State: Political Choice and Strategies for Growth in Israel, Taiwan, and Ireland by Dan Breznitz

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments xi
  • Abbreviations xv
  • 1. Plurality, Choice, and the Politics of Industrial Innovation 1
  • 2. The Development of the IT Industry in Israel: Maximization of R&D as an Industrial Policy 41
  • 3. The Development of the IT Industry in Taiwan: Public Research Institutions as Growth Impetus? 97
  • 4. A Misunderstood "Miracle": The State and the Growth of the IT Industry in Ireland 146
  • Conclusion: Comparing Choices and Consequences in Rapid Innovation-Based Industrialization 190
  • References 235

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