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Droid Docs: Known Bugs

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NOTE: finally official public issue tracker is available at https://source.android.com/setup/contribute/report-bugs
* Dan Morrill's announce in maillist
* Related note at blog

Bug reports are taken from Android bug reports... topic in Android developers maillist, and some other topics from this list. Refer to maillist for discussions.

Next bug will be named: KB-2008xxxx-048, see Known bugs category for naming convention.


  • 1 Critical bugs
    • 1.1 KB-20071127-009
    • 1.2 KB-20071127-013
    • 1.3 KB-20071127-014
    • 1.4 KB-20071202-019
    • 1.5 KB-20071122-021
    • 1.6 KB-20071202-023
    • 1.7 KB-20071113-029
    • 1.8 KB-20071122-037
    • 1.9 KB-20071229-044
  • 2 Non critical bugs
    • 2.1 KB-20071124-006
    • 2.2 KB-20071125-007
    • 2.3 KB-20071127-008
    • 2.4 KB-20071127-010
    • 2.5 KB-20071127-012
    • 2.6 KB-20071129-015
    • 2.7 KB-20071127-016
    • 2.8 KB-20071120-017
    • 2.9 KB-20071129-018
    • 2.10 KB-20071128-020
    • 2.11 KB-20071202-022
    • 2.12 KB-20071205-024
    • 2.13 KB-20071208-025
    • 2.14 KB-20071207-026
    • 2.15 KB-20071122-027
    • 2.16 KB-20071209-028
    • 2.17 KB-20071207-030
    • 2.18 KB-20071208-031
    • 2.19 KB-20071120-032
    • 2.20 KB-20071210-033
    • 2.21 KB-20071217-034
    • 2.22 KB-20071122-035
    • 2.23 KB-20071116-036
    • 2.24 KB-20071223-038
    • 2.25 KB-20071226-039
    • 2.26 KB-20071230-040
    • 2.27 KB-20071218-041
    • 2.28 KB-20071228-042
    • 2.29 KB-20071120-043
    • 2.30 KB-20071206-045
    • 2.31 KB-20080114-046
    • 2.32 KB-20080115-047
  • 3 Feature requests
    • 3.1 KB-20071124-001
    • 3.2 KB-20071124-002
    • 3.3 KB-20071124-003
    • 3.4 KB-20071124-004
    • 3.5 KB-20071124-005
    • 3.6 KB-20071127-011
  • 4 See also

[edit] Critical bugs

[edit] KB-20071127-009
author: rtreffer

Description: Android is limited to "-qemu -net nic -net user" networking on eth0. Anything else crashes the emulator. This limits the default android network device.

[edit] KB-20071127-013
author: Ivan Čukić

Description: Annotation API exist but annotations are not implemented.

[edit] KB-20071127-014
author: Andrew Zhang, neil

Description: No more than 764 threads possible.

[edit] KB-20071202-019
author: Motoya Kurotsu

Description: emulator rebuilt by GCC 4.1.2 fails to run

[edit] KB-20071122-021
author: Andrew Zhang

Description: Field.set(obj, null), where obj is String, makes Android crash

[edit] KB-20071202-023
author: kurosh

Description: MediaPlayer crashes emulator on tenth mp3 file playing iteration.

[edit] KB-20071113-029
author: matthey

Description: Attempt to debug causes Eclipse to crash.

[edit] KB-20071122-037
author: cbazza

Description: Dalvik VM dies on creating hundreds of objects.

[edit] KB-20071229-044
author: ZGold

Description: InetAddress.getAllByName() issue.

[edit] Non critical bugs

[edit] KB-20071124-006
author: cbazza

Description: Bitmap.getPixels should return colors in argb, it returns them in abgr.

[edit] KB-20071125-007
author: cbazza

Description: There is something wrong when creating "png" Bitmaps with BitmapFactory.decodeByteArray(byte[] imageData, int offset, int length). The image looses detail and looks terrible. I have a pile of these to pass on that look great on PC, Blackberries and Cellphones but terrible on Android (Best Buy logo for example).

[edit] KB-20071127-008
author: cbazza

Description: Bitmap.setPixels should have a version that accepts "processAlpha". Right now the alpha value is ignored.

[edit] KB-20071127-010
author: walterc

Description: LinearLayout does not relayout after changing its child view from setVisibility(View.GONE) to setVisibility(View.VISIBLE)

[edit] KB-20071127-012
author: Ivan Čukić

Description: SQLite3 cursors don't have the update support.

[edit] KB-20071129-015
author: brendan.d.burns

Description: Documentation Bug in TextView

[edit] KB-20071127-016
author: Andrew Zhang

Description: getLocalPort always returns 0

[edit] KB-20071120-017
author: Andrey Fedoseev

Description: getFloat() or getDouble() return incorrect values for floating type fields in SQLite database.

[edit] KB-20071129-018
author: lipmanp

Description: timezone issue.

[edit] KB-20071128-020
author: Meth

Description: Wrong conversion between physical dimensions and pixels.

[edit] KB-20071202-022
author: baldmountin

Description:java.util.zip generates some CRC errors on valid zip files and returns invalid characters.

[edit] KB-20071205-024
author: Ledavin

Description: Media Player does not play anything from network, neither with http nor rtsp links.

[edit] KB-20071208-025
author: amar9876

Description: Animated GIFs are not supported.

[edit] KB-20071207-026
author: AwayBBL

Description: Emulator browser shows no animation for animated GIFs.

[edit] KB-20071122-027
author: Seb

Description: Impossible to use MapView behind proxy.

[edit] KB-20071209-028
author: Ariel Malka

Description: OpenGL smoothing artifacts.

[edit] KB-20071207-030
author: xtrawurst

Description: setSoTimeout() have no effect

[edit] KB-20071208-031
author: Rick Genter

Description: TimePicker is not working in XML file

[edit] KB-20071120-032
author: Brendan D. Burns

Description: Bug in direct allocated IntBuffer

[edit] KB-20071210-033
author: David N. Welton

Description: Radio Groups/Buttons bug

[edit] KB-20071217-034
author: tomgibara

Description: Paint.textBreak() methods returns incorrect values for small text sizes

[edit] KB-20071122-035
author: Andrew Zhang

Description: FileLock.release throws IOException

[edit] KB-20071116-036
author: tateisious

Description: Some java.nio.channels classes are not implemented

[edit] KB-20071223-038
author: Pierre Neihouser

Description: TextView.setTypeFace(TypeFace) is not working for italic style.

[edit] KB-20071226-039
author: elDoudou

Description: Node.getNextSibling() implementation raises java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException.

[edit] KB-20071230-040
author: brendan.d.burns

Description: Bug in CheckBox implementation of padding.

[edit] KB-20071218-041
author: Rick Genter

Description: Problem in setting a valid DecimalFormat string resource (# parsing problem).

[edit] KB-20071228-042
author: Wink Saville

Description: Bug in sendMessageAtFrontOfQueue and/or enqueueMessage

[edit] KB-20071120-043
author: ViaToR

Description: NullException when GridView get focus from other neighbor widget.

[edit] KB-20071206-045
author: Adam Bouhenguel

Description: java.lang.reflect.Proxy doesn't work.

[edit] KB-20080114-046
author: mvysny

Description: Class.getCanonicalName() fails (unimplemented)

[edit] KB-20080115-047
author: tomgibara

Description: BrowserCallback.overrideUrlLoading not called by WebView

[edit] Feature requests

[edit] KB-20071124-001
author: cbazza

Description: Provide a way to read any file from resource folder using its original filename. This would basically provide a similar facility as is available on JavaME. Maybe implement Class.getResourceAsStream in such a way to read files from /res/files with Strings and not integer ids.

Note: There is workaround, provided by http://www.anddev.org, see KB-20071124-001 for more details.

[edit] KB-20071124-002
author: cbazza

Description: Android.view.View should also have a rect specific way to postInvalidate. Right now you can only postInvalidate the whole screen. Better yet, get rid of postInvalidate completely and provide a proper implementation of invalidate that would work regardless of which thread it is called from. Just like JavaME.

[edit] KB-20071124-003
author: cbazza

Description: Provide a way not to combine View.invalidates together because union of a small top rectangle with a small bottom rectangle forces a large rectangle into the screen and that is slow. Games (and other) apps update small rects in different areas so it is best not to combine (do a union) of these rects.

[edit] KB-20071124-004
author: cbazza

Description: Provide a way for the app to request all pending invalidates to be processed immediately. Like what is available on JavaME with serviceRepaints. Basically the code following serviceRepaints can be guaranteed that the canvas bitmap would be up to date so getPixels/setPixels would be synchronized properly. Without this it is a nightmare to figure out on a multi-threaded app when things are ready for visual processing or not.

[edit] KB-20071124-005
author: cbazza

Description: Remove the few (6) Javax.microedition (JavaME) classes from android.jar. Basically provide a complete implementation of JavaME, or don't provide anything at all.

[edit] KB-20071127-011
author: walterc

Description: naming conventions request

[edit] See also

  • Unofficial android-bugs maillist

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