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CBIACS: Scholarship Essay and Application Tips

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

The Best Tips for Writing a Scholarship Essay

Daniella has won several scholarships using the same, exact personal essay.

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Typical essay prompts

  • How will receiving this scholarship impact your endeavors?
  • How can you give back to your community through your career and life goals?
  • What is your personal reason for attending college or this certain college/university?

An essay that can address all of these prompts mentioning a personal hardship in your life and how you have been able to grow and overcome it, as well as help those around you.

Mention how your major is part of your life's work and how you feel called to do it. Don't talk about money or parental pressure.

Talk about how it will help you achieve your life goals.

Success Story of a Student Who Earned $100K in Scholarships and Her Application Tips

Danielle, a University of Virginia student, is attending school for free from scholarships.


  1. Don't be lazy. Apply for scholarships.
  2. You do not need to have the highest GPA or SAT/ACT score to get a great scholarship. Your story and passion is what draws people to give you scholarships.
  3. Always have a planner with the dates of scholarship deadlines
  4. Write a few essays that relate back to your story, passion, and purpose
  5. If you qualify, you need to apply
  6. Don't give up on applying for scholarships, even if you get rejected multiple times
  7. It's never too late to apply for scholarships
  8. If you don't qualify for need-based scholarships, apply for other scholarships
  9. Even if you only get $25,000 in scholarships, that's great. You have time to look for scholarships for the following year
  10. Where do I find scholarships? There are lots of different sources.

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