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APIC 2014: Global Fibers Overview

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

Tecnon Orbichem estimates that more than 98% (pdf) of future fiber production will be synthetics, and 95% of that synthetic fiber will be polyester.

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Dear APIC2014 Sponsors, Exhibitors, Media Partners, Speakers and Delegates,

On behalf of the Federation of Thai Industries’ Petrochemical Industry Club (FTIPC), I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your valuable contribution to the APIC 2014, Pattaya, Thailand on May 15 - 16, 2014.

APIC 2014 were 35th Annual Conference and Regional collaboration among Asia petrochemical. We were carrying the success of APIC story by bringing together nearly 1,324 participants from 41 countries for sharing the information in the theme “Transformation, a map redrawn”. APIC achieved to provide another step of changing in Petrochemical industry today as well as strengthen our friendship for tomorrow.

I would like to pass the APIC session to APIC2015 host, Korea Petrochemical Industry Association (KPIA), and see you next year at Korea.

Thank you, 
Ekarat Thongtawach, 
Chairman of the Petrochemical Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries (FTIPC)


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