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Advisor Marketing Success: Theodore Roosevelt Laughing

Posted by Sandy Baggs on

7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

Theodore Roosevelt laughing

This is a photo of Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt laughing posted by Advisor Marketing Success, a site that was dedicated to helping financial advisors expand their practices with lots of good advice on topics such as estate planning, investments and marketing. 

Theodore's coffee habit

Theodore Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee every day. That's probably a bad idea for most people, but it worked for him. 

His coffee habit began in childhood as a way to reduce his asthma. 

"This is the kind of stuff I like to drink, by George, when I hunt bears." - Roosevelt, talking about Maxwell House coffee.

The Roosevelt children came to love coffee as well. 


He served as president for two terms from 1901 to 1909 and is widely recognized as one of the five best presidents in history. 

Roosevelt's face is on Mount Rushmore to the right of Washington and Jefferson and to the left of Lincoln.

He was a feeble child that managed to overcome his ailments through physical training and hard work. 

Homeschooled, he later attended Harvard.

Roosevelt served as Vice President under President William McKinley, until McKinley was killed. At 42, Roosevelt became the youngest US president in history (and still is).

Roosevelt is known for his progressive stance. He used the Sherman Antitrust Act aggressively to break up trusts, including Rockefeller's Standard Oil. 

Under his presidency, he established several national parks and started building the Panama Canal. 

Roosevelt even won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping end the Russo-Japanese War through his diplomacy.

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